Adkins Bakery

Adkins Bakery has been delivering freshly baked products nearly 50 years. Our wealth of knowledge, experience and investment has seen the business grow consistently throughout the years as we provide quality products and services to Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands and further afield.

Established in 1970, the bakery began trading from a small premises on Ernest road in Carlton. Later that decade the bakery moved and expanded further into Stonebridge Court, Off Carlton Road. In the year 2000, the bakery moved again into the Hooton Street facility and in 2016 took on another premises on Hooton Street creating the dedicated Cake and Bread Bakeries we operate from today.

Adkins Bakery has always been a family run craft bakery. Michael Adkin began the family baking tradition, which is as strong as ever. Michael’s daughter, Helen and her husband Steve continue to build upon the company’s reputation for delivering freshly baked goods at highly competitive prices. We now have our modern bakeries at Hooton Street and continue to expand into new premises and market shares.

Our Nottingham bakery is centrally based and ideally located for fresh food deliveries daily. No matter the size of your business, we can accommodate orders which meet the minimum weekly spend, whether it’s rolls, loaves, or our many confectionary delicious products.