Helen Robinson


Helen, Michael Adkins daughter has been involved in the business since her early teens and began working full time in the office in 1991. After the purchase of the bakery in May 1997, Helen became the Financial Director. With nearly 30 years of experience in the food industry and over 20 years as the Financial Director, Helen has knowledge the business could not go without.

Steve Robinson

Managing Director

Steve began working at Adkins in 1983 as a Saturday lad, with his growing experience and knowledge he became the General Manager in 1989. Purchasing the bakery, with Helen, in May 1997, Steve became the Managing Director. Through great dedication, organization, people management, investment and now over 35 years of experience in the industry, Steve has driven Adkins to be the successful business it is today.

Brian McKelvie

Bakery Manager

Brian entered the food manufacturing business as a Saturday lad and later an apprentice at Adkins in 1995. Through Brian’s continued determination, organization and loyalty, Brian was made Bakery Manager in 2013. Brian oversees all the bakery’s production, continuing to produce top quality products to our customers seven days a week.

Andy Barnes

Quality Control Manager

Andy began baking early on, having taken on numerous roles at different bakeries over the years, he has a wealth of experience when it comes to product development and delivering quality produce daily. Andy joined the Adkins bakery team as Quality Control Manager in 2006.

Marek Sikora

Assistant Bakery Manager

Marek joined the Adkins Bakery team as a Baker in 2009, after being given the opportunity to focus on cake production, Marek was made the Assistant Manager in charge of cake production in 2018. With the business continuing to grow Marek continues to deliver quality products as well as develop new lines regularly.

Julie Pimblett

Sales Manager

Julie has always worked in the food industry and joined the Adkins team in 2006 as a Sales Representative. Julie commits a lot of face to face time with our current and potential customers meaning she has a great rapport with all our customers, new and old. Julies continued commitment to top quality customer service and ambition to continue to find new business makes her an important member of the team.

Amy Shaw

Customer Service Supervisor

Amy joined the Adkins Team in 2005, as a sales assistant. Her impressive customer service and organization skills mean from 2019, she is now our sales office supervisor. Amy has been instrumental in the development of our new website and continues to grow our online presence via social media.

Andy Perrin

Dispatch Manager

Andy joined the Adkins Bakery team and Food Industry in 2007, as a delivery driver. Through hard work and determination, Andy was given the opportunity to run the Bakery’s dispatch department in 2018, a role he has grasped and continued to succeed in.